What Is Chi?



Also known as Qi, is a Chinese word used to refer to all types of energy.

In Chinese philosophy, this energy is the circulating life energy or “vital/natural force”  behind all that fills the universe.

Energy is found throughout the natural environment.  It gives life to the universe, the planet, the weather, and all life.   In China, understanding the energy of the natural world and cultivating our human energy is an art that has been passed down from master to student for over 27 centuries.

 When we think of electronic devices, we know that it requires electric energy flowing over wires and connectors to power the device.  Within the human body, Chi is like that electrical current flowing/circulating throughout the physical body in channels called meridians.  In eastern medicine, when Chi is strong and flowing freely it activates, regulates and balances our bodily activities filling us with vitality, relaxation and an all-around feeling of mental and physical well-being.

 With electronic devices, when the energy flow becomes disconnected or impeded the device either stops working or performs poorly.  Within our bodies when chi becomes blocked, stagnant or unbalanced it leads to tension, discomfort, illness and death.

 This imbalance of free-flowing Chi can be corrected with practical exercises that are intent upon optimizing the functional aspects of good health.

Our goal at Freedom Chi is to share our extensive knowledge of these ancient martial arts and wellness techniques with everyone that has a desire to strengthen their Chi and ensure open paths to create and maintain a relaxed body and free-flowing Chi.


“The best definition of Chi is the experience of Chi.” 


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