What Is Chi Free-Flow?

Chi Free-Flow…


is all about promoting a healthy and vibrant body and mind through the development of a strong and free-flowing Chi (internal energy).  In Eastern philosophy, health and wellness begin with a strong Chi that flows freely throughout the body.  For the martial artist, the essence of martial power comes from within through the strengthening of Chi.

The techniques utilized to strengthen and create a free-flowing Chi feel good and conform to specific natural principles (i.e., body movements, physical and mental energy flow, laws of nature and physics, etc.).  They are never forced and should never strain the mind or body.

 The core of the training is about a mind that is deeply calmed, focused and unified with the body.

Whether your main goal is relaxation, health, or martial art, the techniques taught at Freedom Chi promote whole-body health while also increasing martial arts skills if that is your intent.

We hope that our students never have cause to use their skills for self-defense and that begins with feeling strong and self-confident.

 Whether your goal is wellness, martial art or both;  our primary goal is for every student to gain an enhanced state of health that improves their life every day.

 Chi Strengthening training techniques include:


  • Mind Intent

  • Breath

  • Physical Alignment

  • Wu Chi

  • Bone Marrow Washing

  • The Energy Ball

  • Rooting

  • Body Connection Secrets

  • Energy Points

  • The 3 Dan Tiens

  • Controlled Movement

  • Total Mind/Body Relaxation

  • How to get the maximum out of your Martial Arts Training


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