Learning The Fundamentals?

Chi Free-Flow…



is accomplished and maintained by practicing techniques that are specifically aimed at strengthening chi and opening the physical pathways within the body.

The fundamentals of these exercises are based on learning and practicing:

  •   Relaxation

  •   Sequences of movements

  •   Coordination

  •   Body alignments

  •   Moderation

  •   Protection of the joints

The core of the training is about a mind that is deeply calmed, focused and unified with the body.

The techniques utilized to strengthen and create a free-flowing Chi feel good and conform to specific natural principles (i.e., body movements, physical and mental energy flow, laws of nature and physics, etc.).  They are never forced and should never strain the mind or body.

 The techniques serve as effective sensitivity and awareness exercises that reduce stress while keeping the body relaxed, fluid, flexible and physically strong.   The road to obtaining fluidity, smoothness and relaxed movements does require patience, effort and dedication.   It’s you commitment that is important and not how fast you play the game.

It is quite normal for beginners to feel some emotional unpleasantness, especially as  they begin to really notice, often for the first time, the impact of stress on the nervous system, or how unquiet and devoid of inner peace their mind and emotions really are.  These techniques are about learning to recognize the subtle tensions within our body and mind and experiencing the amount of unconscious tension held by most of us may come as a shock.

These are valuable tools for wellness and a fascinating point about learning anything of value is:

              Things are difficult when you can’t do them and easy when you can. 


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