Bagua Zhang

What is Bagua Zhang?


Bagua is an internal martial art that uses soft, relaxed, full body movements for self-defense.  It is a system based on the Chinese theory of the eight trigrams used to analyze directions, locations, causes and effects, and all the natural changes of the universe.

Known as the art of change, its defining characteristic is the ability to attack or defend while walking, making it an ideal method to deal with multiple attackers.

Bagua emphasizes circular movement in which walking with proper step is most essential.  It uses continual circular stepping as its foundation and transformation as its principle.  The movements are always changing, spinning, twisting and spiraling, while in rapid curved line stepping patterns.

It is also recognized as a powerful health method with the use of Chi Kung techniques.

The constant twisting and spinning movements, stimulate the joints and muscles in all areas of the body.  These movements also stimulate acupuncture cavities/points by compressing and relaxing the surrounding muscles, thereby, loosening stagnant energy, and allowing Chi to circulate smoothly and freely.

Bagua has been described as,

“Walk like a dragon, retrieve and spin like an ape, change momentum like an eagle, and be calm and steady like a still tiger”.