Tai Chi Chuan




Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art system that has been recognized for centuries as an unsurpassed form of self-defense; while also a method of self-cultivation, health, and living in harmony with ourselves and nature.

Although recognized as a Martial Art, the series of flowing, smooth, relaxed, slow-moving techniques help calm the emotions, focus the mind, and strengthen the immune system.

It is an art primarily based on softness and awareness rather than force and resistance.  It aims at reconnecting the mind to the body, the consciousness to the sub-conscious and the individual to their environment.

 The art form is not taught or practiced using hard contact or physical aggression.   The principles adopted are the Law of Non-aggression and the Law of Non-opposition.   It is taught as playful with no comparison to anyone but yourself.    In many classes, the start to  performing the movements is referred to as  “Let’s Play Tai Chi”.

The most efficient Tai Chi practitioners are the ones that are most relaxed and at ease while performing the movements.   Each movement is about the individual’s exploration of their internal self through a disciplined fun that calms, energizes and relaxes.

 The competitive nature of Tai chi is not about winning or losing, it is solely about training to become relaxed and at ease.

 As a martial art, the techniques are employed strategically without the exertion of awkward force or strength.   When taught and trained properly, there should be no chance of injury or pain.

Tai Chi is a journey that incorporates a self-defense and health system as well as an art for the harmony of body and mind, an art of life.






Tai Chi is characterized by it’s slow, graceful, dance-like movements that promote relaxation, concentration, balance, and flexibility.

 It’s these physical postures and their transition movements from one to another that gently stretch, reflex and twist every muscle of the body while remaining totally relaxed.

 The combination of the continuous succession of slow, light, calm, steady and relaxed movements; deep and natural rhythmic breathing; and a mind consciously concentrated and relaxed that generates a power and energy that is expressed as:

– rooted in the feet

– developed by the legs

– directed by the waist

– expressed by the shoulders, arms, and hands.






Tai Chi has world-wide recognition for its versatility as a discipline of meditation, health, physical coordination, self-defense and consciousness raising.

 It is an art that can be learned and performed by young and old, regardless of sex.

An art that starts as a martial art and health improvement plan but becomes a way of life because of the way it makes you feel.

 After completion of practice, there will be no puffing and panting, nor any undue heart beating.    Instead, you will have a feeling of new energy.

 You will feel a joy, a sense of tranquility, improvement of your mental alertness and a calm nervous system.

 These are the characteristics of  Tai Chi that have numerous and well-documented health and well-being benefits.

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