Bando Monk

A Tai Chi Dusk 3    What is Bando Monk?

The Bando Monk System is a non-violent martial art system of ancient Burma (now Myanmar).  

It is a disciplined way of life, integrating development of the body, mind, and spirit to achieve harmony with one’s self, others and nature.  It provides a practical guide for improving health, cultivating inner equilibrium along with a physical and mental discipline for a non-violent, non-aggressive and non-combative system of martial arts.  It should not, however, be thought of as a non-effective method of self-defense.

The Bando Monk System defines VIOLENCE as an excessive use of force resulting in permanent injury or death.  It recognizes that violence is usually associated with uncontrolled and undisciplined emotions.  When people are threatened, their reaction is generally to react emotionally, resulting in confrontations.  By utilizing emotional control techniques along with evading and escaping methods; controlling, containing and restraining techniques; and controlled, non-lethal strikes the system trains to avoid the use of violence.

As with all of the internal martial arts systems, the Bando Monk System utilizes soft, relaxed movements and deep breathing to gently stretch and relax the body while calming the mind.  At the same time, it strengthens the entire body without heavy panting or straining creating an overall feeling of vitality and well-being.

It is a system for everyone.


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