Martial Arts

What Are Freedom Chi Benefits For Martial Artists?


As a dedicated martial artist, you have studied the martial arts for many years and it has become a part of your daily life.   There are extreme benefits in the study of all martial arts, however, as you have advanced in the system you begin to experience the feelings that:

  • there is something missing or more about what you are learning

  • the body is breaking down from the hard rigorous training

Those feelings make this the ideal time to experience the benefits of what is known as the internal systems of martial arts.   At some level, every martial arts system is based on the internal elements of power and proper technique, but over the years some systems or teachers have overlooked the focus of training these crucial elements.

No matter what your level of study or physical condition, the study of internal power for martial arts will enhance your techniques and your ability to stay focused on your art for life.   It all begins with the strengthening of your internal energy and the ability to relax while working out.


The Freedom Chi program used to accomplish and advance your goals are the result of decades of extensive and intensive training in the following Internal Martial Arts Systems:


 Tai Chi Chuan  (Taiji Quan)


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese teaching of living in harmony with nature by utilizing a series of movements and techniques designed to teach us how to channel the powers of nature, from both within ourselves and around us.  It is not a belief system or dogma, but rather a discipline literally meaning “the Grand Ultimate Way of Life as taught through movement,” or “Grand Ultimate Fist.”  Tai Chi emphasizes the connection of the mind to the body, the consciousness to the sub-consciousness and the individual to the natural environment.  Tai Chi can best be defined as a journey within yourself.  A journey that incorporates a health system as well as an art for the harmony of body and mind, an art of life.

See About Tai Chi for more information


Chi Kung (Qigong)


Chi Kung is a Chinese art form of meditations and exercises used to gently develop a stronger internal and external strength.  The slow, calm, relaxed exercises gently stretch and strengthen for total body health. Chi Kung practice develops a stronger immune system and deeper more even breathing patterns for total body health; and the mental focus essential for the study of any martial art.

See About Chi Kung for more information


Hsing-I Chuan  (Xingyi Quan)


The Hsing-I martial arts system is a true blend of both the internal and external systems.  It is a system that trains with techniques that are both hard, rigorous, strong and soft, flexible, yielding.  The energy of Hsing-I can be compared to a piece of Rattan, it will flex but not very far before snapping back with a relaxed, extremely efficient expression of power.

See About Hsing-I for more information


 Zhan Zhuang  (Yi Quan)


Zhan Zhuang (pronounced Jan Jong) literally means “Pole Standing”.  It is a system that utilizes techniques that are simple to learn and understand; the hardest to do, yet the most effective of all.  The exercises are a unique practice that combines elements of rest and recuperation with healthy, strengthening exercises for both mind and body.  These exercises have proven highly effective as an aid to the treatment of chronic illness, as a method of recuperation, for strengthening the constitution of patients after illness, and in developing a very sound, healthy and strong physique.  For the martial artist, these exercises are the pathway to skill advancement and self-awareness no matter what the current level.

See About Zhan Zhuang for more information


Bagua Chuan

Bagua is an internal martial art that uses soft, relaxed, full body movements for self-defense.  It is a system based on the Chinese theory of the eight trigrams used to analyze directions, locations, causes and effects, and all the natural changes of the universe.

See About Bagua for more information


 Bando Monk


The Bando Monk System is a non-violent martial art system of ancient Burma (now Myanmar). It is a disciplined way of life, integrating development of the body, mind, and spirit to achieve harmony with one’s self, others, and nature. It provides a practical guide for improving health, cultivating inner equilibrium along with a physical and mental discipline for a non-violent, non-aggressive and non-combative system of martial arts. It should not, however, be thought of as a non-effective method of self-defense.

See About Bando Monk for more information


Secret Yang


Secret Yang or Yang Tze Michuan Taiji Quan was originally developed as a system of martial arts by the Yang Family.   The system was originally taught to male members of the Yang Family only.  The females were not taught the system for fear of them divulging the secret after marriage.  The system consists of the 8 Essential Movements Chi Kung set, The Secret Yang form and martial arts body strengthening exercises all of which are physically and mentally challenging.